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Benefits Of Travel Hub

Benefits of Travel HUB to Upcoming (Sub) Agents

Travel HUB provides comfortable work space/stations and office facilities at no cost to upcoming (SUB) Agents Travel HUB confers legitimacy on every upcoming (Sub) Agent that, presently, does not operate from an office Travel HUB confers regulatory compliance on upcoming (Sub) Agents Travel HUB takes the stress of fixed office/operating costs from upcoming Agents, and makes them focus on their market and growing their business without any fears Travel HUB helps aspiring Travel Agents start their business genuinely and supports them through continuous training, shared professional learning environment, and professional guidance Aside from physical locational benefits, Travel HUB also confers Virtual Identity benefits to virtual members. Virtual members can use the HUB address and have access to the physical meeting rooms and conferencing facilities of the HUB where necessary
Travel HUB is your office, you are comfortable here and you can proudly have meetings with your clients. In addition;
You work daily in an environment where you share experience with other travel consultants and GDS Staff You receive continuous training You operate legitimately You have no fears You have access to the most competitive ticket fares/prices. We call it Best Buys You will have access to volume incentives You will have access to sponsorships (by Travel HUB) to attend yearly international travel fairs; any available annual Aviation/Airline/Travel/Hotel/Hospitality events like the World Travel Market, Arabian Travel Market, Indaba Durban (South Africa) etc You are encouraged to develop travel products like Tour, Visa Assist, Protocol Services etc. to cross sell to through other Hub Agents to a wide/collective customer base

Individually we do not have access to all of the above benefits, but collectively we now do; that is the power of collaboration; lets us hold hands.